The Order ofAncient and Primitive Rite of Memphis and Misraim for Europe and the French speaking countries, originates from Cagliostro’s Egyptian Rite of Freemasonry presented to the world in1777.

The first organized works in this rite were performed in 1779 in Mitau (former capital city of united Duchy of Courland and Semigallia). In 1785, the first mother lodge of the rite was established in Leon (France).

In 1805, in Milan, upon the basis of the Egyptian Rite and various magical and cabbalistic rituals, was established the Rite of Misraim. Originally it had 77 degrees, and in 1811 it was enlarged till 90 degrees.

In 1815, in Montauban, two learned masons Samuel Harris and Marconis de Negre, have created the rite of Mempis, consisting of 92 degrees. Later the rite was enlarged till 95 and 97 degrees. Besides the first 3 symbolic degrees of masonry, the rite included many higher degrees known in France and Great Britain.

The essence of both Masonic rites is the idea of an ancient initiatic succession starting from ancient Egyptian pyramid builders.

In 1881, Italian politician General Giuseppe Garibaldi being both the Sovereign Grand Master of the Rite of Misraim, and Gran Hyerophant of the Rite of Memphis, decided to merge the two rites into one – the Rite of Mempis-Misraim.  Yet, there are still exist lodges that do not support this Garibaldi’s decision and continue to work in the rite of Memphis and in the rite of Misraim.

After Giuseppe Garibaldi, the post of Gran Hyerophant of the Rite was inherited by an English Freemason John Yarker, after that – Theodor Reuss (cofounder of O.T.O, Ordo Templi Orientis), Gérard Anaclet Vincent Encausse (Papus).

From 1978, the Gran Hyerophant of the order of APRMM is Michael Bertiaux.  It is important to note that APRMM for Europe and the French speaking countries is not an administrative part or a subordinate organization of APRMM.

Michael Bertiaux is one of the most famous American occultists, author of Voudon Gnostic Workbook.

Bertiaux was initiated into the Rite of Memphis- Misraim by the Gran Hierophant of one of its branches Hector-Franсois Jean-Maine, the son of Lucien-Francois Jean-Maine – one of the students of Papus, in 1964, in Haiti.

Lucien-Francois Jean-Maine has received his initiation,in 1899, into “Cabbalistic Gnostic Church of Memphis –Misraim” – such was an official name of this line of succession that goes back to Bernard-Raymond Fabré-Palaprat, founder of l’Ordre du Temple (1804).

The order of APRMM-Europe and FLC appeared in 1994 when the Gran Hierophant of the order of APRMM Michael Bertiaux separated the jurisdiction over Europe and the French speaking countries from APRMM.

The first Gran Hierophant of APRMM-European and FLC became Joel Duez.  Famous French occultist and writer, Joel Duez wrote many books on Masonry, magic, mysticism, cabbala, alchemy etc. Some of his books, such as Mystiquesoufie et kabbalistique: Rituels secrets, and Traitéd’angéologie et de démonologie:  A l’usage des exorcisteshave already became “classics”. For many years Duez led very active Masonic life, opening lodges throughout the world.

In 2013, Duez transferred his powers to Israeli writer Alexander Rybalka, author of various books on Cabbala and Masonry. Duez keeps the title of Honorary Gran Hierophant.

Currently, the order of APRMM-Europe and FLC supervises the works of National Sanctuaries in many European countries, and also helps to conduct the works of rite of Memphis-Misraim in the USA.

The Order of APRMM-EuropeandFLC is a part of the World Association of Egyptian Obediences (WAEO) that unites lodges, sanctuaries and orders working in the rite of Memphis-Misraim, Memphis, Misraim, and the Egyptian rite of Cagliostro.

Article I

  • Every member of APRMM, initiated into the first symbolic degree, must familiarize with the statute of the Order of APRMM and sign it, thus showing agreement with all its articles.

  • Each and every organization, lodge, etc., willing to become a part of the Order of APRMM, must sign the statute of the Order of APRMM, thus showing agreement with all its articles.

Article II

  • The purpose of the Order of APRMM – to eliminate prejudice concerning differences of birth, opinion and ethnicity among men; to erase fanaticism and superstition; to eradicate international hatred and xenophobia; to reach, by means of free and peaceful progress, the consolidation of Universal and Eternal Rights, upon which an individual may freely develop all his potential; to promote, with all might, the Common Good, and thus to transform mankind into one family of brothers unified by Love, Knowledge and Labour.

  • Absolute freedom of artistic expression and the security that the Order provides allow brothers to develop their artistic potential in full.

Article III

  • The Order of APRMM is a part ofGreat and Universal Hermetic movement being active throughout human history.

  • The Order of APRMM accepts the landmarks of the Free Masons.
  1. Every Egyptian Mason believes in the Great Architect of the Universe and in the immortality of soul.
  2. Altars in the lodges of the Order of APRMM (square or triangular) must be decorated by the suitable Book of the Law, be it a Bible, or any other accepted Holy Scripture according to discretion of the lodge.
  3. Lodges of the Order of APRMM must have a legal charter, signed and sealed either by the head of the Order, or by its National Hierophant, and proclaimed at lodge meeting.
  4. The first three degrees of the symbolic masonry must be transferred by means of initiation and must contain the Legend of Hiram.
  5. The degrees from 87 till 90 must be transferred by means of initiation in Arcanum-Arcanorum and only during the meeting of the Mystic Temple in the Sovereign Sanctuary of the Order.
  6. The founder of Egyptian Masonry is considered Count Alessandro Cagliostro.
  7. The lodges of the Order of APRMM may be either male, or female, or mixed.
  8. The lodges of APRMM shall not allow any discrimination upon race, colour of the skin, ethnicity.
  9. Every lodge of the Order of APRMM, from the day of its creation, must proclaim it’s kind of membership – male, female, or mixed.
  10. Initiation into the third symbolic degree may contain, besides the Legend Of Hiram Abif, also the Legend of Osiris.

  • All lodges of the Order of APRMM must work according to the Statute of the Order of APRMM.

Article IV

  • There exists only one central Headquarters, the leaders of the Order gather at, to discuss all questions concerning wellbeing and the direction of the Order.
    • Currently, the central headquarters of APRMM is located in Israel, and is represented by legal entity “Memphis-Misraim Freemasonry (R.A.): 580604445”, yet it may be moved to any other country at the discretion of the Head of the Order.

  • The title of the Head of the Order is – Grand Hierophant, hereinafter referred to as G.’.H

  • The office of the Head of the Order (G.’.H) is Ad Vitam, or until abdication.

  • The Head of the Order (G.’.H) must appoint his successor. The successor is appointed by the testamentary letter that cannot be revoked.

Article V

  • The Grand Hierophant (G.’.H) is the only person who has overall power in the Order of APRMM.

  • The Grand Hierophant (G.’.H) has full power over all Grand Officers, has a power to appoint and to dismiss any Grand Officer at his discretion.

  • The Grand Hierophant (G.’.H) has a right to direct the Order of APRMM and to control all its activities.

  • The Grand Hierophant (G.’.H) has a right to withdraw, or to suspend the privileges of any subordinate organization (lodge, senate, temple, etc.) and has a right to suspend and even to annul membership in the Order of APRMM, in case he deems it in the interest of the Order.

  • The Grand Hierophant (G.’.H) may appoint his representatives for any purpose, and delegate them, by his seal and signature, any of his powers that he wishes to delegate them.

  • The Grand Hierophant (G.’.H) has power to stop any dispute or disagreement that may, in his opinion, be harmful to the Order of APRMM.

Article VI

  • Supreme Council (Concilium) consists of 4 members of the Order of APRMM with 90th or higher degree appointed by the Grand Hierophant (G.’.H) who is the President of this council.

  • Among the duties of the Concilium is to draw up statutes for APRMM and all its subordinate organizations.
    • Statutes must be ratified by the Supreme Council to acquire legal power.

  • The duty of the members of the Conscilium is to assist the Gran Hierophant (G.’.H) to direct the activities of the Order.

  • The President, with two more members of the Concilium, compose the quorum for the management of the affairs of the Order.

  • In case the post of the head of the Order becomes vacant, Concilium has the powers to temporary perform the duties of the Grand Hierophant (G.’.H), until the successor is installed into the office.

Article VII

1 The Executive Committee of the Three has a duty of management of the affairs of the Order of APRMM under the supervision of the Grand Hierophant (G.’.H) or his appointed deputy.

  • Grand Coservator General, Grand Stuart General, and the Grand Hierophant are the officers of the Cabinet and the Executive Committee.

  • Any official act by the Executive Committee (Cabinet) is null unless ratified by the Grand Hierophant (G.’.H).

Article VIII

  • Grand Stuart General is a head of the Financial Committee of the Three that has its task to supervise financial activity of the Order.

  • All official acts of the Financial Committee must be approved by the Supreme Council (Concilium) and are null without ratification.

  • Every member of the Order of APRMM is expected to make a contribution to the fund of the Order according to one’s financial abilities.
    • The minimal annual APRMM membership fee must beapproved by the Supreme Council (Concilium) and declared by the end of each calendar year. The figure declared in December 2016 equals 30 USD.
    • Each person, legal or political entity that wishes to be accepted into the order of APRMM must be informed, after the approval by the relevant division of the Order, of the minimal annual membership fee.
    • No money paid into the treasury of the order of APRMM can be refunded or returned by any means and under any pretence neither by an individual member of the Order, nor by any lodge etc. The annual membership fee does not depend upon participation in any Lodge or Order meetings.
    • All brothers must pay their lodge fee in time, to avoid any unnecessary reminding concerning this issue.

  • All members of the Order must pay attention to the needs of the brothers and render them reasonable assistance that should have a constant, and not just temporary, character.
    • Every brother must take care of the comfort and wellbeing of other brothers, paying attention not only to their material, but also to their spiritual needs.
    • Children of all brothers are considered as children of the Order and every member of the Order in particular, just as the Order as a whole, must protect and assist them by all means possible. There can be no discrimination based upon the particular circumstances of the child’s birth.
    • All members of the Order must treat and consider the orphaned children of our brothers as their own.
    • All brothers are bound by their solemn promise to offer the Order servicesin their particular craft, business and profession.
    • Guests and visitors to our lodges must be regarded as Sovereign Grand Inspector General or his deputies.

Article IX

1.Any person who has reached the age of 21, or a child of one of the brothers who has reached the age of 18, male or female, who has signed a preliminary declaration form and was approved by the appropriate officer, may become a member of APRMM.

2.Every admission form, or its electronic copy, must be forwarded to the Headquarters of the Order.

       3.All diplomas and charters must be signed and sealed by an appropriate officer of the Order.

  1. It is necessary to watch that the privileges by which brothers are honored are not abused. Any brother, and the sponsors of the brother, who has abused these privileges, must be brought before the Grand Tribunal. Openness, sincerity and the good will between the brothers stand as the basis for easy and harmonious functioning of our system.
  2. Court trials between the members of the Order are strictly prohibited. Any outside court trial between the brothers leads to immediate expulsion from the Order and loss of all the privileges acquired.

5.1 In case there is a dispute among the brothers, they must, in the first instance, address their lodge masters in an attempt to resolve it. In the second instance, if the parties did not come to an agreement, petition to the Grand Tribunal of the Order to arbiter the case must be filed. The decisions of The Grand Tribunal are final and obligatory.

5.2 Refusal to apply to Worshipful Masters and the Grand Tribunal of the Order, or to accept their decisions leads to an immediate expulsion from the Order of APRMM.  In such case the second party may file a lawsuit in court.

5.3The Grand Tribunal may judge cases in which only plaintiff is a member of APRMM, and can make a decision to use all its power and influence to restore justice.

5.4 In case a lawsuit is filed against one of the members of APRMM, and the accused brother is willing to swear of his innocence upon the Holy Book, in front of the special commission appointed by the Grand Tribunal, the Order shall use all its might to defend him.

  1. Every brother must spend a large portion of his free time studying Freemasonry and trying to find an intellectual key to its mysteries.
  2. All brothers are tied by the obligation to keep the rituals of the Order, our words and symbols in secret.
  3. Slander is considered as the cause of many evils and must be banned.
  4. Discussion of any subject that can bring schism and dissidence into the fraternal chain, such as politics and religion, is strictly forbidden in opened lodges. All relations between the members the Brotherhood must accord with the principles of equality and mutual support.
  5. 1 Personal discord between individual members of the Order should not influence work and conduct within the lodge. In case such discord, as may happen between the civil partners and family members, appears – request of transfer to another lodge can be filed.

Article X

1 Statutes of the subordinate organizations, Lodges, etc., must be submitted for inspection to the Grand Hierophant of the Order, and approved by the Concilium.

2 Every triangle, lodge or sanctuary is directed by the Worshipful Master, Senior Warden and Junior Warden.

  • The Triangle consists of three brothers having Master Mason degree or higher and can conduct works until the Companion degree inclusive.
  • The lodge is composed of seven brothers having Master Mason degree and higher and can conduct works in any of the degrees corresponding to those of the brothers’ present.
  • National Sanctuary may be created only by the bearer of the 66th degree and is headed by the National Hierophant of the 96th or higher degree.
  • National Sanctuary can open new triangles and lodges in its territory, but numbering and granting title to the new lodge requires approbation of the Grand Hierophant (G.’.H).
  • National Hierophant must be appointed by the Concilium and approved the Grand Hierophant (G.’.H).
  1. All brothers are equal; none can abuse his Masonic status and ranking, but all must equally respect and submit to the officers of the triangle, lodge, or sanctuary.

3.1 All officers must show exemplary zeal. They must arrive to works and meetings aforehand to avoid any delay and unnecessary waste of time of the brothers and visitors.

3.2 In case of absence of one or more of the Officers, the Worshipful Master may appoint provisional officers with limited terms of the office.

3.3 Provisional officers, during the terms of their office, must receive the same measure of respect and compliance as the duly appointed Officers.

3.4 All Officers are appointed by the Worshipful Master for the period chosen by the Worshipful Master, or until he/she decides to replace them. Officers may be elected by the brothers, if the Worshipful Master decides so.

  1. Senior Warden is responsible of the Masonic growth and development of the brothers in the degree of Companion.

4.1 Senior and Junior Wardens are responsible for the distribution of the rituals and other important texts among the brothers.  It is the duty of the Senior Officer to recommend those worthy of the rise of their Masonic salary brothers to their Lodge Master.

  1. The Lodge Master is responsible for the Masonic growth and development of all brother’s master masons of his /her lodge.
  2. The College (Collegium) of the Princes of Jerusalem is composed of the appointed by the National Hierophant brothers in the 16th (Prince of Jerusalem) or higher degree.

6.1 The College of the Princes of Jerusalem is responsible for brothers and works of the lodges of Perfection.

6.2 The College of the Princes of Jerusalem recommends to the Chapter of Rose Croix those worthy to become the Brothers of Rose Croix.

6.3 The Chapter of Rose Croix is responsible for all what happens in the lodges from the 1st till the 18th degree.

6.4 The Chapter of Rose Croix is formed by 7 brothers, 6 + 1. The Chapter of Rose Croix is headed by the brother in the degree of Knight Grand Pontiff of Jerusalem appointed by the National Hierophant.

6.5 The Chapter of Rose Croix recommends to the Grand Tribunal of the Order those brothers worthy of being candidates of up to the 33rd degree.

6.6 The Grand Tribunal of the Order is a prime judicial body of the Order with jurisdiction of all the affairs of the Order between the 1st till 33rd degrees.

6.7 The task of the Grand Tribunal is to resolve all conflicts and disputes between the brothers who were unable to resolve them between themselves or with the help of their Lodge Master.

6.8 The Grand Tribunal is composed of three brothers having the degree of Sovereign Grand Inspector General, 33º and is headed by the Grand Commander chosen from among them by the National Hierophant.

  1. The Grand Commander is responsible for all the affairs and the direction of the Order of APRMM till the 33rd degree inclusive, and is the first assistant of the Grand Hierophant(G.’.H) in all affairs of the Scottish Rite.
  2. The Order of 3.’.3 is composed of brothers having the degree of Sovereign Grand Inspector General, 33º. The Order of 3.’.3 is directed by the council of 9 brothers presided by the Supreme Grand Commander appointed by the Grand Hierophant (G.’.H).
  3. Members of the Order of 3.’.3 are, in a certain sense, Inquisition of the Order of APRMM. They must supervise compliance with the Statute, realisation of made decisions and acknowledged goals of the Order, and obedience of their secret oath.
  4. The Grand Hierophant (G.’.H) has a right to appoint the Head of Chamber for any of the degrees, for example – The Head of Chamber of the Knights of Scandinavia directing the works of the lodges in the 34th degree.
  5. The National Hierophant bears full responsibility for the workings and all activities of the Triangles, Lodges and any other organizations related to the National Sanctuary.

11.1 The National Hierophant is to appoint assistants for the administrative proceedings: The Grand Stuart of the Sanctuary (the administrator), the Grand Secretary of the Sanctuary and the Grand Treasurer of the Sanctuary.

  1. The Grand Secretary must inform the brothers of the decrees and decisions of the National Hierophant and of the scheduled events,to take account of the brothers of the Sanctuary, keep their current contacts, dates of their initiations, to gather their written works and to record the protocols of the meetings. All the official requests and petitions addressed to the National Sanctuary or the National Hierophant must pass through the Grand Secretary.

12.1 The Grand Secretary must always be in contact with the secretaries of the lodges and triangles who have similar duties with the Grand Secretaryand must submit reports about the workings of their lodges or triangles to the Grand Secretary.

13.The Grand Treasurer is responsible for all the financial activities of the Sanctuary: membership fees, balance of income and expenditure, and other financial reports.The Grand Treasurer must always be in contact with the treasurers of the lodges and triangles who have similar duties with the Grand Treasurer and must submit reports about the workings of their lodges or triangles to the Grand Treasurer.
14. The Grand Stuart is a chief assistant and deputy of the Grand Hierophant (G.’.H).

Article XI

  1. The Great Congress of APRMM may be convoked by the Grand Hierophant (G.’.H) in any place and at any time he deems fit.
  2. During the Grand Congress of APRMM, every subordinate organization of the Order must be represented by one vote.

Article XII

  1. The Seal of Salomon is a partition of APRMM that exists for non-members of the Order for the purposes of social and educational activities.
  2. The order of APRMM aims at establishing educational institutions in which the members of the order and their children can learn sciences and our sacred and secret craft.
  3. Under the aegis of APRMM there exist such Masonic orders as: The Order of Arcanum of St. Germain, The Order of Palm and Shell, The Order of Menorah and the Golden Rose and many other organizations teaching hermetic knowledge.

Article XIII

1 The order of APRMM uses various seals. The symbolical meaning of the seals becomes known to the members of the Order in the process of their education.  One of the seals is for the general use of APRMM, and another is used exclusively by the Grand Hierophant (G.’.H) and is called the Secret Seal of Count Cagliostro (S.S.).

Article XIV

1 Changes and amendments to the Statute of APRMM can be done only by the Grand Hierophant (G.’.H) and certified by his seal and signature. All changes and amendments acquire binding power only after being read out by the Grand Hierophant at the meeting of the Order.

Let it be so! Lux Inens Agit Nos! – The Inner Light Leads Us On!