Historical visit of Honorary Grand Hierophant Joël Duez

On the 4th and the 5th of July, the Sovereign Sanctuary of the Order of Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis and Misraim, was attended by the Honorary Grand Hierophant, our worshipful brother, Joël Duez.

On the 4th of July, in the Sovereign Sanctuary, there were works in the 95th degree (ritual of Michael Bertiaux). Michael Lapidus was granted the degree of the Grand Conservator of the Rite.

Works of the Royal Chamber of the World Association of Egyptian Obediences were opened – the Honorary 99th degree of the World Hierophant was granted to brother Ariel K.

Next day, on the 5th of July, meeting of all members of the Order took place. Works were opened in the 1st degree, and the ceremonial entry of Honorary Grand Hierophant into the lodge was made.

Brother Joël Duez greeted all present brothers with a speech, after which the ceremony of installation of the Grand Copt – Head of World Association of Egyptian Obediences was performed.

Brother Joel Dues shall hold this post till vernal equinox 2018.

Works were closed in the 1st degree and the fraternal chain was formed.

After a short break, in the presence of the elected Universal Cohen, Joël Duez,  works of the Order of Menorah and the Golden Rose were opened in its 1st degree – masonic Rosicrucian.

The elected Cohen of the Universe lectured about the history Rosicrucian order and its spiritual aspects. The Secretary of the Order, brother Alexander Rybalka spoke of the modern aspects of the Order and of the relation between the Rosicrucian works and the Alchemist doing.  Works of the Order of Menorah and the Golden Rose were closed and brothers moved to the ‘white table’, where the birthday of Joël Duez was celebrated.

The dinner ended around midnight at Jaffa’s restaurant ‘Abrage’.

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  • Greetings on all points of the Triangle.

    Grand Honors and most high esteem due to the Universal Elu Cohen of the world and the blessings of the 99th degree bestowed on our Most Honorable work you have done and our doing along with our International Grand Hierophant Alex Rybalka at the helm of sush work. May this include the Faithful members and council of the WAR I.

    Once again the co-founder of the Menorah Order and the Golden Rose has ordained his presence in the Sign Cancer going into my sign of Leo, so shall this order florist in the the USA since he appeared in the Sign Cancer that rules the East Gate of the Zodiac-USA..

    Thanks for sharing my dear brother Ariel.